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Air ductrotating shaft cleaning robot  JT-ADB02

Key Features

Ventilation Pipe, Air Duct Cleaning Robot, Inspecting Robot, Robotic Cleaner for Rectangular or round duct made of metal and composite material.


  • Remote control
  • flexible shaft protection, flexible shaft protection function, soft shaft stuck in the tube, Automatic stop of flexible shaft
  • High power motor, can be used with flexible shaft with different diameters, tube diameter ranges 50-800mm
  • Flexible shaft with steel sheath. High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, strong hardness, can bend.
  • Drive shaft is 65 manganese steel spring material, strong torsion, spiral design can be arbitrarily bent.
  • Running in both directions
  • Double suction, more fast
  • Swept and sucked at the same time, less than 800mm direct pipe effect is better.
  • Operation pane, universal wheel and quick connection.

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