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Flexible Shaft Duct Cleaner JT-ADB01

Key Features

Ventilation Pipe, Air Duct Cleaning Robot, Inspecting Robot, Robotic Cleaner for Rectangular or round duct made of metal and composite material.


  • Types and material of air duct to be cleaned: Rectangular or square ducts made of metal and composite material
  • Cleaning length:15 meters (equipped with flexible shaft or semi-hard shaft), length can be increased or decreased according to requirements
  • Cleaning mode: Rotate the cleaning shaft left or right for option
  • Rotation speed of brush :850R.PM, cleaning torque: >3N.m
  • Cleaning method: Raised-dust suction method or direct dust suction method (tornado cleaning system, with maximum vacuum is up to 20000 Pa)
  • Range of cleaning: Height 100-500mm X Width 100-1500mm, with diameter ofΦ100–Φ500


  • Complete set of synchronous monitoring and recording system
  • Complete set of rotational and spraying sterilizer and high-intensity UV bactericidal lamp


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