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Air Duct Cleaning Robot JT-ADR01

Key Features

Ventilation Pipe, Air Duct Cleaning Robot, Inspecting Robot, Robotic Cleaner for Rectangular or round duct made of metal and composite material.


  • Travel Speed 0-12 m/min
  • Cleaning Scope Height: 180~600mm
  • 5KG Crawler Weight
  • With lateral rolling brush or rotating brush
  • Can clean certain diameter within the scope of the duct.
  • Compact design, 2-in-1, Air Duct Inspecting and Cleaning Robot.
  • Shaft rotation speed control at optimum speed for each application.
  • Reversible shaft rotation optimizes cleaning.
  • Interchangeable cleaning tools versatile.
  • Belt switch activation safe operation.
  • Simultaneous vacuum

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